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archival research

Do you need a document and already know its shelf mark? Do you need to locate documents in archival collections but do not know how? We can help you by carrying out research in public and private archives in Italy and Europe.

bibliographic research

Are you in need of verifying bibliographical references or the contents of a book? Archivitaly can assist you with this task across all Italian and European libraries.

transcriptions & translations

We provide assistance with transcribing archival documents in Latin or other European languages. Additionally, we offer translation services for archival documents from languages other than English into English. Palaeographic translations are conducted by professional palaeographers, while subject matter experts handle translations, which are then refined by a native speaker to ensure flawless accuracy.


Interested in uncovering your European ancestry? Reach out to us and explore your family roots today!


Are you considering purchasing or already own an artwork and want to uncover its provenance? Seeking the complete history of your artwork, from its creation in the artist's workshop to the present day? Consult our team of researchers for answers!

professional photos

Do you require high-quality professional photographs of artefacts, books, or manuscripts for scholarly study or publication? Rely on our network of expert photographers for exceptional results.

proofreading & copyediting

Would you like assistance with proofreading and/or copyediting your paper? Our scholars are available to provide support.


Do you lack the time to edit your paper according to the publisher's style manual? Reach out to Archivitaly for assistance!

archive organisation

Are you tired of dealing with a cluttered corporate/private archive? With us, you can bid farewell to chaos. We meticulously organise your documents according to the highest standards.


For queries and quotes: info@archivitaly.it