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archival research

Do you need a document and you already know its shelf mark? Do you need to locate documents in archival collections but do not know how? We can help you by carrying out research in public and private archives in Italy.

bibliographic research

Do you need to check bibliographical references or the contents of a book? Archivitaly can do it for you and in all Italian libraries.

transcriptions & tanslations

We can help you transcribe archival documents in Latin or Italian, and translate archival documents or academic papers from Italian into English / English into Italian. Or do you just need a synopsis in English of the article or document in Italian? Ask our professionals! Translations and synopses are carried out by scholars in your field and polished by a native speaker to ensure the translation is impeccable.


Would you like to know more about your Italian ancestry? Get in touch with us and discover your roots!


Do you wish to buy or already own an artwork whose provenance you would like to know or clarify? Ask our researchers!

professional photos

Do you need to take professional photographs of artefacts for study or publication purposes? Trust our network of Italian professional photographers.

proofreading & copyediting

Do you need assistance with the proofreading and/or copyediting of your paper? Our scholars are here to help!


No time to edit your paper according to the publisher's manual of style? Ask Archivitaly!


For queries and quotes: info@archivitaly.it